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Chris Morehead,
Project Manager

Chris Morehead, who rejoined Heidbreder Building Group in October 2023, has a rich background combining 28 years in education and a lifelong interest in home remodeling. With a Master of Education Leadership and a Masters in Administration, Chris transitioned from a successful career in teaching at middle and high school levels to the construction industry. His initial start at HBG in the early 90s, while transitioning to education, laid the foundation for his return.


At HBG, Chris applies his broad knowledge of construction, aspiring to specialize further in the field. Known for his dedication, reliability, organizational skills, responsibility, and loyalty, he brings the same winning attitude to HBG that he fostered in his years of teaching and coaching.


Outside of work, Chris enjoys golf, is passionate about cars, and values spending time with family and friends. He also maintains a commitment to health and wellness through purposeful exercise. Chris's diverse experience and holistic approach enrich his contributions to Heidbreder Building Group. Chris lives by the motto “live life in the moment”.

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