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Andrei Neamt,
Project Manager

Andrei Neamt has been an integral part of Heidbreder Building Group, working alongside us as an electrician for 12 years. He officially joined the team as a Project Manager in August 2023. Andrei specializes in complex electrical work, with over 17 years of experience in the field, and three years of collegiate studies in surveying and architecture.


Characterized by his ambition, curiosity, and, reliability, Andrei brings a dynamic blend of resourcefulness, good humor, and exceptional organizational skills that make him a valued member of the HBG team.


Away from work, Andrei leads an active and diverse life. He is passionate about soccer and cycling, emphasizing his commitment to health and wellness. He is a true foodie at heart, enjoys cooking, and his creative side shines through in his love for drawing and music. Living by the philosophies “what you choose to focus on becomes your reality” and “this too shall pass,” Andrei embodies a mindset of positive focus and resilience, both in his professional and personal life. His multifaceted interests and steadfast dedication contribute significantly to the spirit and success of Heidbreder Building Group.

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